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Louis Tomlinson's fans are well known for tracking down any and all information regarding his career, including keeping a close eye on sites where new music is registered such as BMI, ASCAP, and IFPI. So when the Miss You Remix appeared on IFPI on December 2, fans were quick to get the word out. Excitement levels escalated when it was discovered that the remix would be handled by the talented German-born DJ and producer, Luca Schreiner, who has applied his talents to remixes for the likes of Shaggy, OMI and more recently Matoma and Alessia Cara. We talked to Luca about his career and the how the Miss You remix came about.

Born into a family of music lovers, the 23-year-old was immersed in the electronic music scene from a young age. "My dad used to DJ as well and he's also the owner of a distribution company that works with a lot of electronic music labels, so I was always in touch with that particular genre. I remember watching the live streams of Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival. I knew I wanted to experience this one day by myself as an artist - that's basically when I decided to start working on my own kind of music."

Luca Schreiner |  Unicorn Hill Festival

Luca Schreiner | Unicorn Hill Festival

With over 50 million streams on Spotify, he certainly knows how to deliver what people want to hear, describing his style as "...a cross over between Dance and Pop that features a lot of classic acoustic elements and combines them with modern synth type of sounds".

Recalling how he came to remix Tomlinson's latest single, he says, "...remixing Louis Tomlinson was a big thing for me! Basically his label reached out to me saying that they wanted me to do a remix of Louis' brand new single 'Miss You'. [...] the remix fell together quite fast so I sent it over to him the day after I received the request. Literally in the evening of that day, not only his management and label approved my remix, but also Louis himself was digging my take on his single."

Approaching the production, Schreiner says he wanted to keep the "[...] special vibe and feeling of the original in my remix. So I basically just gave it a more of a dance-pop production without changing the arranging of the song too much. I think the original with its characteristic guitar leads made the original super outstanding but at the same time I think they were also a little unfamiliar to some people, so I tried to make it a little more smooth and less dominant."

Luca Schreiner |  Tropical Mountain Festival

The remix has attracted a lot of positive attention with almost 550,000 streams on Spotify and over 400,000 views of the official audio on Louis' VEVO channel. Schreiner has been thrilled with the response, particularly the feedback from fans. "I remixed a lot of big artists already but the response and feedback that this remix got and is still getting is really outstanding! I'm regularly checking the comments and feedback on Twitter and YouTube and like I said, this all makes me super happy :)"

Schreiner has a big 2018 planned, with numerous projects and events lined up including some of the biggest festivals in Germany. In terms of what we can expect from the DJ and Producer in 2018, he promises there will be plenty of new music "[...] including big official remixes as well as my own material, which I'm super excited about!" If his Miss You Remix is an indication of what is to come, we certainly share his excitement!


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For more details on Miss You and the Miss You Remix, refer to Project Miss You.

Interview conducted by Maree | Written and edited by Rachel

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