Who's Who on Two Of Us?

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Fans of Louis Tomlinson have spent the past year sitting on the metaphorical edge of their seats, waiting and wishing for new music. So on February 16, when we announced that a new track titled Two Of Us had been registered on Germany’s Performance Rights Organisation’s (GEMA) repertoire, the fanbase went wild. #TwoOfUs trended worldwide, fan curated projects launched, and genuine tears formed within minutes, an indication of the collective jubilation.

As always, fans immediately started searching for any information about the track and who Tomlinson had worked with. Here’s the Who’s Who on Two Of Us.



Twitter: @markbcrew | Instagram: markbcrew

Mark Crew, one half of the production team, is a name we haven’t seen associated with Louis prior to Two Of Us, but we couldn’t be happier knowing he worked on this track.

In 2013 he co-founded Best Laid Plans Records and Best Laid Plans Music with Dan Smith, and Dan Priddy, who coincidentally is his prodcution partner, and the other half of Two Of Us’ production team.

Mark has established himself as a world class producer and the success of his credits proceed him. In addition to his most recent work with Louis, Crew has produced music for the likes of Rag ‘N’ Bone Man (who he signed to his label in 2013), on his award winning album ‘Human’, Tears For Fears, Katy Perry, James Arthur and Bastille.

To listen to works produced by Mark Crew, you can listen to this curated playlist — Mark Crew - Productions.

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Twitter: @braquemusic | Instagram: braquemusic

Much like Mark, Dan Priddy is new to Louis’ usual production team. Priddy, a phenomenal producer and songwriter, is also a versatile instrumentalist and vocalist.

In 2013 he co-founded Best Laid Plans Records and Best Laid Plans Music alongside Dan Smith and production partner, the above mentioned, Mark Crew.

Aside from Louis’ Two Of Us, Dan has worked on music for One OK Rock, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man, The Wombats and Bastille. He has worked on many projects alongside Mark Crew and together they make a powerhouse team.

To listen to works produced and written by Dan Priddy, you can listen to this curated playlist — Dan Priddy - Writing and Production Show Reel.

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Twitter: @duckblackwell

Mark Blackwell, who goes by the “stage” name Duck Blackwell, is a Jamaican born songwriter with credits on music from artists such as; Neon Jungle, Olly Murs and The Saturdays. Duck has been composing and producing music since 2005.

He is also part of a songwriting collective by the name, One Louder, who have worked with Lawson, The Wanted and Lana Del Rey.

This is the first time Louis and Mark have been co-credited on a track although that have worked with mutual industry professionals.

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Twitter: @brynchristopher  | Instagram: bryn.christopher

British singer-songwriter, Bryn Christopher, is currently signed to Geffen Records, owned by Universal Music Group, and has been since 2009.

Bryn’s musical forte is soul and R&B, although he did joined producers Rocky and Rufio to form an electronic music group called MONSTA in 2012.

If you wish to listen to Bryn Christopher’s own music to get an insight to his sound and his songwriter you can view his artist profile on Spotify.

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Twitter: @andrewjacksson  | Instagram: andrewjacksoninsta

Andrew Jackson, a hit songwriter, has worked on many acclaimed tracks throughout his career but none alongside Louis, prior to co-writng Two Of Us.

Andrew has a history of pioneering the success of many, now popular, artists. He was one of the first songwriters on board to create tracks for Dua Lipa, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man and James Arthur, his lyrical skills can be accredited for contributing to their early achievements.

Other notable acts Andrew has championed include Eminem, Hailee Steinfeld, Kygo, Alicia Keys, and this year he’s working on projects with Zedd, Ben Platt, Khalid and our very own Louis Tomlinson.

He is a Pulse Music Group songwriter, an LA based Artist, Songwriter and Producer Management company, home to many talented and acclaimed songwriters. You can read more about Andrew’s career highlights on his Pulse Music Group page.

To listen to songs written by Andrew Jackson you can listen to the Pulse curated playlist — Andrew Jackson Discography.

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Written by Maree | Edited by Rachel

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