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Louis Tomlinson |  Doncaster, 2017

Louis Tomlinson | Doncaster, 2017

Louis Tomlinson is set to release his first solo album at the beginning of 2018 and we can hardly wait, but we are also vibrating with excitement for his much-hinted-at tour in the second half of the year!!

An artist's tour is not complete without official merchandise. Sure, we attend concerts for music that we love, the thrill of seeing our favorite artists live in the flesh, to bond with friends and family, and even a chance to meet new people. But is a die-hard fan's concert experience complete without getting their hands on official merchandise? We think we can all agree on the answer.

Sick tunes? Check! Live band? Check! Stunningly good looks and stage presence? Check and check! Official merch? At this stage we can only dream. So with that in mind, our team let their imaginations run wild and created some concepts of what we'd love to see as part of Louis' official merchandise. Here is just a small sample of what we came up with!


Louis' love for streetwear fashion is well known, and with and more artists including complimentary jackets and track pants into their merchandise in recent year, we'd love to see the same with his range. Given his fanbase and musical style, hoodies are essential and we could barely contain ourselves from incorporating a denim jacket into the mix! And of course, any tour merch stand would be incomplete without a selection of classic tour t-shirt designs, wristbands, and headwear. Then, once you've bought all the merch (and emptied your bank account in the process) you're going to need something to put it all in, so what better than an LT backpack!



Wearable merch is essential for any artist's tour, but so too are items for every day. We couldn't resist trying our hand at designing phone cases and coffee mugs and what range would be complete without an LT 28 key-chain and a limited edition vinyl to round out the collection.

Write here...

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We're so excited to see what merch is made officially available and the individual stamp Louis puts on each item. Guess the only thing left to do is start saving so we can buy it all!


Designs by Madison and Miya | Written by Kezhia, Maree, and Rachel | Edited by Miya and Rachel

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