Louis Tomlinson | Red Carpet Dreaming


In the lead up to the 2018 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday August 12, we have been reminiscing about Louis' Red Carpet appearance at last years show. Louis is nominated for Choice Male Artist this year and while it's a long shot for him to attend in person, we haven't given up hope that Louis can sneak away from his busy schedule with The X Factor and working in the studio on his music to dazzle the public at this year's TCA's. But if not, we'll have to be satisfied with a little bit of Red Carpet Dreaming.

With that in mind, here are the top five Red Carpet looks we'd love to see Louis wear!

5. Burberry | Check Cotton Shirt

Contrast Check Cotton Shirt  | Burberry | $550

Contrast Check Cotton Shirt | Burberry | $550

Louis has been wearing quite a bit of Burberry lately, and we're not complaining. While this may be a more casual look, Louis could achieve a relaxed, but still colorful and bold look, wearing this patterned shirt. It includes part of the classic Burberry checkered print, but incorporates a new flare, and would allow him to shine on the red carpet. Perhaps he could pair this with a pair of simple black pants and a statement shoe?

4. Coach | Shearling Varsity Jacket

We know it's a long shot, but we would love it if Louis wore a stylish varsity jacket like this fuzzy number from Coach. It hearkens back to his Napapijri fleece from last November, but incorporates a street-style look that we've seen in past Louis fashion.

3. Gucci | Striped Panel Track Suit Pants


We are sorely missing the days of Louis in bright red pants, and if the only way we get this iconic color palette is through tracksuit pants, then we'll take what we can get! This piece perfectly combines Louis' current style with his past fashion, and may even match with the branding for his new album if his 'Miss You' styling is anything go by!

2. Vetements | Blue Levi's Oversized Denim Jacket

We are facing a severe drought of Louis in denim, and this classic oversized denim jacket from Vetements brings us happily back to the era of Midnight Memories Louis style. The best part? It fits the pop-punk vibe of Louis' latest single, “Miss You,” and shows him not only supporting Vetements, as we've seen him in their styles frequently, but supporting his most recent musical style too.

1. Gucci | Heritage Tuxedo

Listen, we know Louis loves his tracksuits, but this classically elegant, yet modern and stylish fit from Gucci allows him to show off some of his trademark individuality in the red stripes, while still emanating a kick-ass red carpet style. The stripe down the pant hearkens back to his casual style choices, yet is careful enough that it does not look tacky or out of place. We think Louis would absolutely rock this look, and we're glad it blends so seamlessly with his personality.


So whether he attends the Teen Choice Awards and walks the red carpet or stays in the UK to work on his music, nothing will stop us from continuing our Red Carpet Dreaming.

Written by Bridget | Edited by Rachel | Artwork by Miya

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