Louis on BBC Live Lounge...Could it be true??


When Louis Tomlinson liked a seemingly innocuous tweet from BBC Radio 1 asking "Who would you like to hear in the Live Lounge in 2018?" back on January 2, most wouldn't have noticed or batted an eyelid even if they did. But to Tomlinson' fans it was a beacon of hope that he may finally be going to bless us with a BBC Live Lounge performance.

This then begs the question, what cover might he perform?

BBC's Live Lounge is somewhat of an institution. It draws in big name stars and allows them to showcase their talent; putting new and interesting spins on their own material as well as selecting often unexpected covers of their own favorite artists. Since One Direction performed in the Live Lounge back in 2015, Louis' haunting solo in their cover of FourFiveSeconds has remained embedded on the souls of many of us. The purity of his voice and the emotion he conveyed was an experience that few fans could ever forget.

After much (heated) discussion amongst our team, we have pulled together a list of the covers we would desperately like to see him perform.  Some possibly expected, some definitely out there....

Check out the choices from our team below and then vote in the poll to let us know what cover you'd like to hear Louis perform and we'll add them to our Spotify playlist.


Everyday is a winding road - sheryl crow - Rachel

When we started discussing this, I thought it would be easy to pick a song. But, noooo. Instead I found myself trawling through my Spotify playlists unable to chose just one song out of the hundreds I would love to hear Louis sing. Should I go with something obvious like Radioactive by Imagine Dragons or Before The Worst by the Script, or perhaps something that matched his new style? As I manically clicked through my playlists I accidentally stumbled on an old-school 90's set and found this Sheryl Crow track. It's a bit out of left field (I know, I know) but just listen to it and then tell me you can't hear him singing it. Go on, 'av at it.

"Everybody gets high, Everybody gets low, These are the days when anything goes."


valerie (bbc live lounge) - amy winehouse - madhu

Louis' original cover of this song, during the Up All Night tour, really drew me in. His voice is so unique and it's big part of why I'm a fan of his today. It would be really cool to hear him cover it again after nearly seven years and see if he would have a different take on it after all this time! The song itself is also one of my personal favorites, and I feel like his voice as it is now, would really make the song sound amazing!

"Well sometimes I go out by myself, And I look across the water, And I think of all the things, what you're doing, And in my head I paint a picture."


Cross My Heart (Acoustic) - Marianas Trench - Miya

This song reached it's peak about a decade ago in Canada but the pop punk sound of it will never fail to remind me of Louis' vocal capabilities. While I highly recommend listening to the original, the acoustic version is just as grand. The acoustic version possesses an emotion the original doesn't - an emotion I believe Louis' voice would carry through effortlessly. This song is strictly meant to be sung by those rare artists with unique voices that can take you somewhere else the moment you hear them: it's the exact reason this song was meant to be sung by Louis Tomlinson. Cross My Heart is an oldie but a goodie and therefore I pray to the pop punk Gods that they bless us with the experience of Louis covering it.

"Take me with you, I start to miss you, Take me home, I don't wanna be alone tonight."


Good riddance (Time of your life) - Green day - madison

I still remember hearing this song for the first time on my final day of first grade. It was playing in the background to a picture slideshow of everyone in the class. This tune became the theme song to my childhood in a way and kick-started my love for bands. The lyrics recall nostalgic moments for most. I have heard multiple stories of what people think about when listening to it and love that one song could be meaningful to so many. Louis would sound incredible performing this song, and his voice could capture the emotion perfectly.

"For what it's worth it was worth all the while, It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life."


80's Films - jon bellion - maree

Jon Bellion has said of his track, 80's Films, "The lyrics approach is so vivid and specific that it paints such a great picture for the listener." It strikes me that Jon and Louis have similar approaches to songwriting and delivery. The two also have the same vocal type (with a bit of a difference in vocal range) and I think Louis would be able to make this nostalgic piece his own whether performed in its original form or as an acoustic track.

"The island is long, but life is short in this town, I'm glad we got to redo the time."


Look After You - The Fray - Olivia

This is such a beautiful song and it would be so amazing to hear him cover it again. The original cover that he posted on YouTube when he was 16, is so open and honest but it would be interesting to hear his take on it now, so many years later. "Please leave your honest opinion im only 16 years old :)" Would 26 year old Louis interpret the song differently than his 16 year old self did?

"What's mine is yours to leave or take, What's mine is yours to make your own."


living louder - the cab - keizha

This song has a special place in my heart and while it might sound cheesy to some, I love the lyrics so much that I listen to it every time I feel down. It's about living life to the fullest, loving strong and not letting anyone or anything stop you from living your dreams, which is very much how Louis does it.

"'Cause no one, no one lives forever, But we will be remembered, For what we do right now."


Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's - Becca

This is the song that started it all. I would love to hear him sing this it again as it never fails to remind where his journey began: on the X Factor stage almost 8 years ago. His voice has changed a lot since then, and it would be amazing to see how he could re-imagine it to something more fitting with his current style.

"I've got so much left to say, If every simple song I wrote to you, Would take your breath away, I'd write it all."


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Written and Edited by Rachel | Contributions from the King Updates Team | Artwork by Miya

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