#L019 Giveaway!


To kick off #L019, we’re hosting a giveaway of cool items that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. The swag of goodies includes both official, and handmade, merchandise.

  • 1 custom made “just hold on” sweater “looking at the stars, wishing you were them’ on the back - size medium.

  • 1 custom made “everything is great, everything is fucking great” cropped sweater (artwork by loubravado tumblr) - size medium.

  • 1 louis tomlinson sid magazine.

  • 1 one direction “four” ultimate edition album.

  • 1 one direction “where we are” tour dvd.

  • 1 “best song ever” one direction colouring book, 1 lilo post card and 2 one direction stickers

    (artwork by best-season-ever (tumblr) team / redgoldsparkspress (etsy)

PHOTO-2019-01-02-14-07-38 2.jpg

To enter, retweet our tweet and be following us on Twitter.

Entries are open to everyone and the prize will be posted worldwide.

Competition closes on Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.

Check what time this is for you here.

The winner will be chosen using a randomiser selector on February 1, 2019.

The winner will be announced via Twitter on February 1, 2019.

Written and edited by Rachel, artwork by Miya.

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