Louis Headlines the Coca-Cola Music Experience

Louis Tomlinson | CCME |  September 14, 2019

Louis Tomlinson | CCME | September 14, 2019

We knew the moment that the Coca-Cola Music Experience line up was announced it would be something special. We could all see it - Louis Tomlinson the singer, the songwriter, the mentor, the philanthropist and now, Louis Tomlinson, the festival headliner.

But special doesn’t even come close to describing just how phenomenal, captivating and hella confident Louis was last night.

With a ten-track setlist comprised of his latest single Kill My Mind, two other singles, three covers and four unheard of originals, Louis not only owned the stage but he owned the sold out crowd.

From the instant Louis burst onto the stage and sang the first line of the rockified Steal My Girl, he was invincible. With his flawless vocals and his signature bigger than life stage presence, there was no place Louis belonged more last night than right there. Even those watching from unreliable livestreams back at home were mesmerised.

The Madrid crowd went on a journey with Louis, one that they won’t soon forget. They went crazy for the One Direction covers, Little Black Dress and Steal My Girl, both co-written by Tomlinson, accompanied Louis with equal passion when singing Two Of Us, and it didn’t take long for the crowd to fall in love with the new tracks, Too Young, Defenceless, Don’t Let It Break and Habit.

The track that has got us talking non-stop though is Louis’ rendition of The Killers’ Mr Brightside. It was 2010 when a shy eighteen-year-old Louis sang the track as part of his X Factor audition (though it was never aired). Fast forward nine years and 1800 kilometres later and Louis absolutely owned it.

The standout highlight, I think we can all agree was that despite the lights, the crowd, and the excitement we could all clearly see who solo Louis Tomlinson is and what he’s about.

In an interview last week with Rolling Stone India Louis said, “I like the idea of finally finding my lane and feeling comfortable and confident about what I’m doing.” It may have taken some time to find his lane, but last night Louis made it crystal clear, on that stage in Madrid, in front of thirty thousand people, that this is who is.

‘Took some time
Cause I’ve run out of energy
Of playing someone
I’ve heard I’m supposed to be’

Habit | Louis Tomlinson

With his fanbase wholeheartedly embracing his new sound and the anticipation for his debut album and first solo tour now at fever pitch, the future looks blinding.

Written by Maree | Edited by Rachel

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