AFFY, ITALY (2017)

King Updates Role I contribute with original content like gifs, graphics (Miya's are better though) and keeping up with what Louis does.

In Real Life I'm still making gifs and spending too much time on Tumblr. I've just graduated in Foreign Languages, hopefully will make a career our of it.

Favorite Louis Moment Louis' performance at X-Factor in 2016. As much as it pains me to watch every time, seeing him getting on stage and singing his heart out, despite the circumstances and everything he had to go through, reminds me of the great person Louis is, how strong and admirable he is. A true inspiration.

Bridget, usa (2018)

King Updates Role I work on the content team writing articles, planning fan engagement initiatives, and creating content for our social accounts.

In Real Life A recent college grad trying to figure it all out.

Favorite Louis Moment Although it's cliche, I have such strong memories of crying while studying for finals after learning Jay had passed, and then the next day, putting everything aside to watch Louis perform live on The X Factor. He was so strong and brave throughout the performance, even though you could see him struggling, and his determination to go on anyway is a true testament to his character.

Caty, USA (2015)

King Updates Role One of the original co-founders of King Updates, my main role is on the administration level, but I also jump in to update when it's all hands on deck! I write articles as well as proofread those written by others, and I try to be one of the calming presences in the group-chat. 

In Real Life In a nutshell: ice-hockey obsessed and trying to put my Bachelor of Arts in drama and writing to good use. Currently, I teach kids, but I'm hoping to one day be doing social media work for an NHL team. 

Favourite Louis Moment Louis' ability and ease to make anyone smile is what drew me to him when he was still just one of the boys on the stairs as it helped me through some hard times, and to this day, it is still one of my favorite traits about him. 

dayna, new zealand (2018)

King Updates Role New to the team. I help out on the content side of things, making GIFs or media to support our fan interactions and articles! 

In Real Life After two years in London I'm off to university to try and figure out what I want to do. Always very lost in absolutely everything but I've decided that's okay! 

Favourite Louis Moment I met One Direction after being very sick through Make-A-Wish, and I remember Louis being particularly interested and caring and almost proud of everyone in that room who was in a similar situation to myself. Anytime I see Louis linked to anything charitable my heart increases in size a little.

EJ, UK (2015)

King Updates Role One of the three co-founders of King Updates. I'm mainly in charge of organizing all of our archived Twitter threads in our Tumblr and this website - the threading system that organizes our account was structured by yours sincerely. I create all of the directory pages for the public and maintain them to be used as an easy navigation tool.

In Real Life Currently an abroad student for Music Management. I like to spend my time frequenting coffeeshops, gigs, any greeneries, and finding spaces where there's anything art related. Big fan of local scenes and communities.

Favourite Louis Moment Any moment that he expresses his excitement and gratitude about the music that he writes and the songs that he sings. When Louis conveys his appreciation for how the fans react to his songwriting or his singing are the moments I cherish the most. From Project No Control to Project Home to Project JHO – Louis knowing how appreciated and well-loved he is all around and being proud of what he's accomplished stays nearest to my heart.

kelly, usa (2018)

King Updates Role A recent add to the amazing team, hoping to help continue making the social media's the best they can be !

In Real Life Finished Uni with a degree in Marketing/Arts and Entertainment Management. Spent some time interning at an established record label and hoping to pursue a career in either artist management or back at a record label. 

Favorite Louis Moment I've sat here for 15 minutes trying to narrow down all the amazing things he's done, when in reality I can't. He is the epitome of someone who is filled with love, kindness and strength. No matter what hardships he may be going through, putting a smile on other's faces seems to be what helps him the most. As Jay once said about Louis when he's had an awful day, him saying, "let's go make someone smile today" really sums up the kind of person he is. It's truly been, and continues to be, an honor to be his fan. 

lizzy, USA (2018)

King Updates Role I just joined the team and hope to contribute a lot more to the Twitter account with streaming parties and other updates on Louis.

In Real Life I'm currently working on getting my Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a minor in Music. I love going to concerts and hope to one day work for a record label.

Favorite Louis Moment There are so many, but one of my absolute favorite moments was seeing Louis talk about the No Control Project. Seeing his face light up with pride every time he was asked about it made me incredibly happy.

madison, USA (2017)

King Updates Role I monitor many media platforms and help keep Twitter and Tumblr updated. I also come up with some article ideas for our website and assist with them.

In Real Life I love music and am fascinated by all types of marketing. I'm currently a college student working towards a degree in Communications.

Favorite Louis Moment That would have to be the TMH show I attended which was also my first ever concert. Experiencing the atmosphere of a concert for the first time while watching Louis step out on stage smiling is a moment I will remember forever.

MAREE, Australia (2017)

King Updates Role I assist with all sorts of updates and articles. Consistently watching and waiting for new developments on Louis’ music and business endeavours. The likes of IFPI and CompanyCheck are my best friends. I strive to know and own all of Louis' outfits before he does or I'm at risk of a conniption fit and I NEVER sleep.

In Real Life I am consistently trying to work out the perfect consumption of Red Bull that will keep me awake but won't give me heart palpitations.

Favorite Louis Moment I can't pick but a moment (of sorts?) that got me really hyped was when he first began to register his own companies, I am really obsessed with the business side of the music industry and seeing him show signs then and continuously show signs of becoming a future music mogul makes me really excited for his future and what he will do.

mariel, california (2018)

King Updates Role Newbie working on original content like video edits, picture edits, and GIFs.

In Real Life Studying business, communications, and in love with music so hoping to pursue a career that combines my studies and my passion.

Favourite Louis Moment When Louis shows his appreciation for Fan Projects such as project No Control. His acknowledgement is always heartfelt and genuine and makes people feel included and part of a large, and very accepting, family.

Miya, canada (2016)

King Updates Role In charge of making our accounts look pretty. I create photoshopped (not PowerPoint - hi Rachel) edits and Final Cut Pro videos to promote Louis’ music, award show voting periods, and timezone sheets. Our Twitter layouts and the creation of our website are my greatest aesthetic accomplishments. I also conduct interviews, edit articles, and organize promotional projects.

In Real Life Exploring the music business.

Favourite Louis Moment The time I saw Louis perform Valerie live in Toronto (UAN tour, 2012) is a moment I’ll never forget. His confidence, his sweet voice, and the way the crowd sung back to him - a once in a lifetime experience.

Rachel, australia (2015)

King Updates Role I'm known for getting people to do stuff. I provide a structure and order, enjoy a good game of devil's advocate, live by the mantra "Better to be right than first", and rarely get a good night's sleep (time zones are...challenging). I write and edit articles, do industry and fandom research and analysis, coordinate recruitment, and manage a lot of the day-to-day activity across our brand.

In Real Life Project Manager by day, studying Social Media Management by night.

Favorite Louis Moment In 2015, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to the US and UK for a number of OTRA concerts, including the final show in Sheffield, and it was a night I will never forget. The whole evening was amazing, but the moment that sticks with me the most is their performance of 'Act My Age'. It was at the end of the show and they had foregone their usual choreographed stage positions and instead were all grouped together on one side of the stage jumping around and singing to each other and their families - Louis looked like he was going to burst with pure joy. That image, and the feeling of love and family and sheer happiness that blanketed the whole arena, will stay with me forever.

remle, usa (2018)

King Updates Role Newbie working on streaming content, video/picture edits and GIFs.

In Real Life Working as a full time nanny while enjoying a gap year between high school and college.

Favorite Louis Moment The OTRA tour (and the MM album) was Louis' time to shine, lyrically and vocally and being able to watch him break out into the spolight and gain his confidence was beautiful.

Tracy, usa (2015)

King Updates Role I'm the founder of King Updates and I oversee the changes and ideas of my fellow team members. I also collaborate with them to bring the most up-to-date information on everything regarding Louis; including our growing Instagram account, I definitely feel it's a new way to reach out to and update fans who don't have the chance to visit Twitter as much.

In Real Life I'm the leading Medical Assistant at a wonderful children's hospital.

Favourite Louis Moment When Louis organized the Believe in Magic Ball; it was beautiful to see the love he has for children and it’s amazing that he’s able to use his voice not just in music, but for a bigger purpose.