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     On October 17th, a lyric video for Louis Tomlinson’s newest single Just Like You was posted to Vevo. The theme of the lyric video is one that is briefly discussed in Tomlinson’s song: headlines. Beneath the ransom-note style of the lyrics, and drawings of Tomlinson himself, are newspaper clippings that did not go unnoticed by the intuitive fanbase. Politically / socially driven headlines and articles are showcased. Fans are taking these demonstrations of social and political issues as a clear sign of the creator(s)' of the video and Louis’ intent to bring injustices into the spotlight for discussion.

Below are some newspaper clippings showcased in the lyric video. Beneath each clipping you will find a brief explanation of the story and external links for more information on each. Some stories are shown more than once.




The case of Harvey Weinstein is one of example of the sexual, verbal, emotional, and physical harassment/assault women face in institutional settings - in this case, the entertainment industry. Harvey Weinstein, a renowned Hollywood producer, is accused of sexually assaulting and harassing women. There is a section discussing when Seth MacFarlane hosted the 2013 Oscars and had an opening number about a number of actresses in attendance and how many times they have gone topless. A point is that this is not the way that 'equals' are meant to talk about each other. There are multiple mentions of Weinstein - and more importantly, the victims - throughout the video.

Read more on Harvey Weinstein.

New Zealand's The Timaru Herald on Weinstein.

Resource for anyone who has/is currently experiencing acts of sexual assaults. If you need help finding resources in your country, please message us if you feel comfortable and we will help you. (You are not alone).




On a page also mentioning the Harvey Weinstein case, Colin Kaepernick and his fight against systemic oppression of people of colour is discussed. The #TakeAKnee movement is mentioned as well, all tying important and direct links to #BlackLivesMatter.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," Kaepernick told NFL Media.”

Read more about Colin Kaepernick’s powerful act of resistance.



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The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was shown in Louis' silhouette near the beginning of the video. Though the article is unable to make out in its entirety, the intentional and clear display of the hashtag is powerful within itself.

Read about #BlackLivesMatter.



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This article discusses the crisis in Syria, specifically regarding terrorist groups and the children trapped within the war zone. Shown in the video is a quote said by Abdul Wahab al-Saadi, the deputy commander of an anti-terrorism division, that speaks about the children in need of saving.

The locals are separated from the foreigners. We do not know what will become of either the locals or the foreigners. There are no strategic plans. Recently four Chechen kids were picked up by a Chechen leader. A little Russian girl was also picked up by a Russian delegation. The locals have it much harder, who is going to take them in? No one. … No one is willing to, and I can’t see them returning to their home towns, they are not welcomed there. But how is this a child’s fault?

Read the full article here.



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The article clipping on the left follows the story of 19 year old Emily Palmer, a brave young woman who wrote a book about her battle with anorexia called Scrambled Heads. Scrambled Heads is a book that explains mental health issues to children and provides resources that are available to them.

Read more about Emily Palmer & Scrambled Heads.

Purchase Scrambled Heads.




On the far left, a newspaper clipping focusing on Malala’s start at Oxford University is displayed. Five years after being violently targeted for bravely defending girls’ education, she began her studies at Oxford University.

Read more about Malala’s story / current education.

Purchase I Am Malala.



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This article surrounds Nile Rodgers’ friendship with George Michael and why Rodgers believed a photo he took just before visiting Michael in December of 2016 was an omen. The clipping shown specifically highlights the part of the article that explains Michael’s battle with Sony and his contract being bought out by Virgin.

George channelled his heartache into an ongoing legal battle with his record label, Sony. He had felt his 1990 album Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 was marketed poorly and accused Sony of “professional slavery”.

Read the full article.

Read more about George Michael’s battle with the music industry.



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This article focuses on female director Sally Potter and her creation of a “star-studded black comedy about a disastrous dinner party that reflects the dark state of the nation”. The quote pulled below and shown clearly (twice) within the lyric video is one that claims all suppressed voices must be heard - especially within the entertainment industry.

She’s far from the only one. I recall something the actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste said about diversity in the industry – that it’s not for her to explain why she hasn’t been invited to a party, but the more powerful host. Potter sees the struggles of women, people of colour and LGBT voices to be heard as essentially related: “You can’t separate them. We need to eliminate this notion that there’s one neutral point of view, which is what we’ve got used to, and that the rest is kind of other, with a prefix attached to it: gay, black, female, blah, blah, blah. There is not one story – there are multiple stories to be told in multiple ways.

Read the full article.

Read about Marianne Jean-Baptiste, a black actress, discussing diversity within the entertainment industry.



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The top article is about a woman who had a stall in Loughborough Market. A complaint was lodged against her selling coffee mugs that were viewed as offensive to Muslims, as they featured the Knights Templar who killed Muslims in the Crusades. She was then banned from selling the offensive items. The bottom article shares the story of an innocent woman who was aggressively removed by police from site for attempting to provide tea to people who were protesting the practice of fracking in North Yorkshire.

Read more about both articles.

Read about fracking.


Here are a few other political and industry articles featured:


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This is an obituary for Tom Paley, who was a singer/songwriter during the folk music era of the 60’s, who made 11 albums with his group New York City Ramblers. He was kicked out of the group when he refused to sign a pledge stating that he was not a member of the Communist party before a televised appearance. The remaining members of the group kicked him out over his stance that his beliefs were “none of the networks business”.

Read the full obituary.



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The far left article is about advice regarding long term investing, mainly about investing in smaller companies to make money in the long term (only if the investor is willing to go through short-term bumpy rides). The largest article is about Brexit and the hoops that the banking industry in the EU has in order to continue to do business in the UK post-Brexit.

Read the investing article.

Read the Brexit article (will be added when found).



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This article is about dancer Carlos Acosta and the formation of his new dance company after his retirement from ballet. The troupe incorporates ballet and contemporary dance and is essentially laying out what the founder envisions as the identity of the group.

Read the full article.


While we thank the creator(s) of the video and Louis for bringing these important topics to light, we want to encourage everyone to read through the articles provided to learn more about prevalent issues in our world. We extend all of our love and offer any help to all victims of oppression, assault, and all other injustices.

If an important article in the video has been missed, please message us! 

Written by: Becky & Miya

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