Miss You | Behind The Scenes


Miss You - Louis Tomlinson

Starring: Louis Tomlinson, Calvin Rodgers & Oli Wright

Music by: Louis Tomlinson, Julian Bunetta & Afterhrs

Directed by: James Lees

Louis Tomlinson has certainly struck a chord with fans in the music video for his most recent single, Miss You, which was released on December 8, 2017, and we have now been treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video. Crafted by the experienced hands of James Lees who has worked with the likes of One Republic, DJ Snake, and Lil Dicky, the viewer is taken on a journey of self realisation with an underlying message that has resonated with many; in the cold light of day, is everything actually great, or is it simply a facade and 'maybe I miss you'?

The Miss You video begins with Louis on a roof top, remembering the night before through flashbacks filled with friends, drinks and a seemingly good time, however there is a level of melancholy apparent, even regret.


Miss You is an anecdotal track and the video compliments the story perfectly, adding more depth and insight than the lyrics did on their own. The juxtaposition between the lyrics themselves and the punk-pop inspired guitar riffs mixed with the bright lights is a powerful element on its own.

Louis has said that the intent of the video was to “capture that moment from pure euphoria and then just like, emptiness”, something it does very successfully. In the behind-the-scenes, he also jokes around in his familiar way when asked if he's having a good day: “someone keeps topping off my beer and I’m at work so yeah, I’m enjoying it, it’s a good day”.

The mise-en-scene is key throughout the production. Each frame is busy, with darkened venues interspersed with flashing lights and rapid camera movements, until Louis sings the poignant line, "Shit, maybe I miss you". The line triggers a break as the camera zooms out and Louis is alone, sans friends, amongst the remnants of the partying.


Some other captivating points of direction are the focus shots of five pints being slammed down on the bar bench, an action that turned from pints to shot glasses and, as the night progresses, these shots become faster, almost as if to emulate the numb feeling and going through the motions that Louis spoke about when discussing the songs meaning.


The jump from professional camera work to handheld, Snapchat inspired filming adds to the theme of having a night out with your friends. It feels chaotic and real and helps the viewer relate this to their own experiences.

The production is slick and the premise carefully curated. Tomlinson shines and appears to be in his element on screen and cameos from childhood friends, Calvin Rodgers and Oli Wright, are also a nice touch, reinforcing the authenticity. But of course it is the song that steals the show. Miss You is an anthemic track that lets us reflect on times in our lives when we too have simply gone through the motions to shield ourselves from scrutiny beacuse "Everything is great, everything is fucking great".....or is it?

Written by Maree | Edited by Rachel

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