What We Know About The LT1 Album

Louis' album has been on the minds of all of his fans since One Direction began their hiatus. Louis has proven himself to be a high class perfectionist, as unofficial album release dates have varied throughout the past two years. Here is what we know about the album so far!




Throughout the promo run for Back To You, Louis has mentioned that he intended on releasing his album early 2018. As we now know, Louis is undergoing a management change that may have been a factor in the delay. What we do know for sure is: Louis is a perfectionist! As badly as we want the album, his creative process and confidence in his art comes first.


2. We should expect new Louis music in 2 - 6 months

On April 19, 2018, Louis met fans in London. He told a Louie that we should be expecting new music in 2 - 6 months. Louis also suggested that we keep saving money, not only for his tour, but in general! "It's always good to have money," he said.


3. Two new Louis songs might be released at the same time

There was a rumour circulating in early-April that insisted Louis would be releasing two new songs around the same time. Liam apparently also heard this rumour and discussed it in a recent interview.


4. There will be at least 10 tracks on the album

Louis took to Twitter to let a fan know that there will be more than 10 tracks on his album. This, of course, puts him in a lovely position to have an interesting and full tour setlist!


5. The lyrics on the LT1 album are going to be incredibly honest

Louis' songwriting history has always been based on honesty and filled with his 'deepest love'. Its unsurprising that his solo album will contain raw, heartfelt lyrics as well. Liam has also spoken about how honest Louis' album is unfolding to be.


6. Louis has been working nonstop on the album

Louis has been in the studio. A lot. Not only has he posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share his frequent studio sessions, but other producers and artists have as well. Louis has been working with a wide variety of teams over the past two years. We're excited to read over songwriting and producing credits to see who has worked alongside Louis on the final masterpiece!


7.  A sneak peak at lyrics

Ever since Louis posted his "Always" and "You" hints on Instagram and Twitter, we've been receiving lyric and melody hints every so often.


8. The album process is making Louis miss us

Despite the fact that this point isn't directly about the album itself, it is a fact that Louis often reinforces on Twitter.


9. The album will be toured this year

Louis has every intention to tour the album this year! To find out what else we know about the LT TOUR, read our article.


10. It'll be worth the wait

Louis is as passionate about his music as we are. I think we speak for all Louies when we say we appreciate how much work and love Louis is putting into this album - an album that all Louies will do everything as a team to promote!


The team at LouisT91Updates will have promotion projects set in place for any singles Louis releases and a promotion project for the album itself. We are more than ready to enjoy new Louis music and work hard to promote it for our musical King! #LouieTeamwork


"Time to start fucking winning now !"


Written by Miya | Artwork by Miya.

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